I Brought it on Myself (Book by Carrie Thigpen)

I Brought it on Myself (Book by Carrie Thigpen)
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As Ivy Freeman is thinking one morning of how things weren't going quite right in her life, she is determined to figure out where her troubles all started. After much thought, she comes to the conclusion that it must have been when she, as a little girl, confronts God, and cusses him out. As she continues to recall various life's incidents, she is unmistakably convinced that the sad experiences that have left deep emotional scars on her heart were bits of revenge from the Almighty. Especially when she is forced to raise a special needs child alone. When she takes a deeper look, however, Ivy realizes that what she thought were bad times in her life were really the very things that developed her into the strong-willed, independent woman that she desperately need to become. The very first step in her achieving this goal however was the hardest . . . which was learning to forgive herself.    




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